How to Choose a Custom Home Builder in Knoxville, TN for Your Dream House

What To Do First On Your Home Builder Search

We’ve helped hundreds of happy homeowners navigate the home-building process. Now, we’re here to do the same for you. Before you start building a home, the first step is to do a personal assessment.

Your custom home might be your first house ever, or it’s your forever space that will support you at every stage of your life. Whether you want to start a family, make more room for the kids, or retire in style, a builder can create exactly what you’re looking for.

Before you dive into the details, however, we suggest asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is my budget’s maximum limit? (It’s important to have a cut-off point)

  • Do I have a space of land that’s ideal for building a home?

  • How much square footage do I want to maintain?

  • What features do I value the most in a house?

  • How will my family grow in the next 5 to 10 years?

Think about where you see yourself when you envision your dream home. Is it a short drive into the heart of Knoxville, or somewhere more serene, surrounded by nature? Is there a garden, or an inground pool? Do you have a spacious patio for entertaining guests, or a quiet and cozy backyard perfect for bird watching and hammock lounging?

It’s also important to think about your future plans. Will you expand your family, or will the kids grow up and move out? Are you interested in raising animals, like dogs, goats, or horses? Remember, it’s your home from the ground up. It should have plenty of room for your dreams.

Look for Experienced Home Builders In The Knoxville, TN Area

There are many custom home builders online, but it’s important to carefully screen a company before going with them. First and foremost, look at how much experience they have. This can be the most telling aspect of a builder.

Red Door Homes has been in business for 18 years, so we’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people build a variety of beautiful, traditional-inspired homes throughout the East Tennessee region. Learn more about our story.

You should also check for accreditation. Look for a Better Business Bureau rating and GuildQuality membership. These are two of the best credentials a home builder can have because they verify the builder’s service and quality.

Review Their Past Home Building Work

A portfolio gives you the best idea of a builder’s style and quality. Look at a design from the floor plan to finish. You should be able to see a variety of different builds, and all their features in detail.

When you look at a custom home builder’s portfolio, you should think, “These are places I want to live!”

Take your time closely evaluating different homes. Do you like the style? How is craftsmanship? Are you impressed by the quality and features included?

Don’t hesitate to ask the builder for details on any project. It’s the builder’s job to help you learn everything you need to make the right decision.

Be sure to also take some time exploring their website. Do they have helpful resources? Are they transparent? You should feel supported by a builder before you even reach out to them for the first time.

Learn About The Team Working On Your Home

Investigate the team behind every custom home-building company. These are the people you will be working most closely with as you bring your house to life. Pay particular attention to the credentials of the project manager, operations manager, and construction coordinator.

A dynamic home-building team should have a strong background in home construction. They should bring both education and experience to the table. For example, Red Door Homes has licensed contractors and managers with 10 to 20 years of experience running our teams.

It’s important to know that your company has the skills and knowledge required to complete your project. What’s more, you want them to understand your needs as a customer. There are so many details to consider, and they shouldn’t all fall on you.

It’s the builder’s role to walk you through the home-building process step by step. They serve as a guide and mentor to make sure all your boxes are ticked.

Look for Detailed Custom Home Floor Plans

A quality home builder in Knoxville, TN, should have a portfolio of floor plans that you can review at your convenience. Floor plans should include price estimates, so you can have a good idea of how much each one costs from the start.

As you review floor plans, consider these points:

  • Do they show skill in building various types of homes?

  • Are the types of homes they build what I’m looking for?

  • Does the average price of their floor plans fit my budget?

The great thing about custom home building is that it’s flexible. Instead of trying to find a house and land that suits your needs, you get to hand-pick every detail from the ground up. You can often get a brand-new, pristine house for less than half the cost of buying one.


  • Consider factors like budget, lifestyle, and design preferences when choosing a home builder in Knoxville.

  • Always look for accreditation, a strong team, and a good portfolio before hiring.

  • Carefully examine floor plans to determine how experienced a builder is in development.

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